Wild Dog Day & Pounce 2019
Sun, Aug 25, 2019-Sun, Aug 25, 2019

The dog days of summer are drawing to an end and that means it's almost time for our Wild Dog Pounce Fundraiser for #WildDogDay!

On Sunday, August 25th three (cardboard) animal contestants will be competing to use their best survival skills to escape the dogs' attempts to hunt them down!

Guests will have the opportunity to vote on which animal will be the last one standing for a $1 donation. Everyone who votes for the winning contestant will be entered to win either a Behind the Scenes tour of choice (Wild Dogs (RARE), Giraffe, Amur Tiger, or White Rhino), an original Erie Zoo painted Wild Dog art piece, or a Wild Dog stuffie! All funds raised will go to the Painted Dog Protection Initiative.

Voting starts Tuesday August 20th - Sunday August 25th at 11:30am online at (Make sure to login and scroll to the bottom) Each vote is a $1 donation and you can vote as many times as you want! 

The pounce competition will take place Sunday August 25th at 12pm at the Wild Dog Exhibit and will also be streamed via Facebook live on the Erie Zoo Facebook.

All activities for Wild Dog Day will take place 10am-2pm including: Wild Dog Scavenger Hunt, 11:45am Keeper Talk (Wild Dog exhibit), 12pm Pounce! (Wild Dog exhibit), touch table, and pins!


Meet the Competitors! 


Contestant #1

Hi! I'm Grant, Contestant #1, and I'll be representing the plains zebras in this year's Wild Dog Pounce at the Erie Zoo. I know I can win because I am the smallest of the 3 types of zebra. My broad stripes and smaller size allow me to blend in with the herd which is usually pretty large. Vote for me to win!

Contestant #2

I'm Hartman, Contestant #2, and I'm representing the mountain zebras! I know I can win the Wild Dog Pounce because I'm an agile climber so I can definitely outlast the others. My pointed hooves and strong kick will help me outlast the others against those dogs so vote for me!


Contestant #3

Hi I'm Grevy, Contestant #3, vote for me in this Wild Dog Pounce! I know I can win because I'm bigger than the other zebras. My ears are also bigger so I'll hear those dogs before the others. I have more, smaller stripes than the other kinds of zebras so I'll blend in and outlast everyone!


Who will win in the epic Zebras vs Wild Dogs showdown? 

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