Additional Amenities at the Erie Zoo

Penny Machines

We have 3 penny machines on-site to create a special souvenir! The machines are located by the gift shop, by the lynx exhibit, and by the carousel. Each machine features 4 photo choices. The cost is $0.51, and you must insert two quarters and one penny in order to use the machine. Souvenir pennies are great collector's items. We have penny books, bands, necklaces, and keychains available for purchase in the gift shop to put your souvenir pennies in! Make sure you check them out.

*These machines are contracted through an outside vendor*

Mini Melts Ice Cream

We have two mini melt machines on-site. One is located next to the train and the other is in the center of the zoo by our main concession stand. These are delicious ice cream cups and they come with the spoon already inside! The cost is $5.00 cash or $5.50 with a credit card. Yummy!

*These machines are contracted through an outside vendor*

Photo Booth

Stop by the photo booth on your way in or on your way out! The photo booth is located in the front of the zoo, just past the main entrance. The cost is $7.00 for a set of 3 photo strips to share. You get to choose the animal you want to be featured in your photos. These are a wonderful souvenir to go on the refrigerator!

*This machine is contracted through an outside vendor*