Frequently Asked Questions About the Erie Zoo

How long does it take to tour the Zoo?

The Zoo is home to over 400 animals and features a train and carousel. We recommend that you plan for at least 1.5 – 2 hours time for a visit to our Zoo.

How can I reserve a pavilion in Glenwood Park?

The pavilions located in Glenwood Park are owned and operated by the City of Erie Parks Department. They are on a “first come, first serve” reserved basis.

Is the Zoo wheelchair accessible and do you have wheelchairs available?

We have wheelchair accessible routes throughout the zoo. Wheelchairs are able to be rented in the gift shop, based upon availability. You can call ahead and reserve a wheelchair by calling 814-864-4091.

Do you have strollers available for rent during our visit?

Strollers rentals are available at the gift shop for an additional fee. $7.00 for single stroller.  $8.00 for double stroller.

What should I do with a sick or injured animal that I found?

The Zoo is not able to take care of any sick or injured animals outside the Zoo’s collection. However, the following contacts will assist you.

Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (will accept birds of prey, vultures, bats, opossums and reptiles ) Contact: Sue DeArment 814-763-2574, located in Crawford County

Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Center (will accept small mammals, song birds, waterfowl and birds of prey, white-tailed deer fawns and native reptiles.)
Contact: Mary Jane Angelo 814-786-9677, located in Venango County

Does the Zoo have a Lost and Found?

Yes, our Lost and Found is located inside the Gift Shop near the front entrance.

Do you allow pets into the Zoo?

No, for the health and safety of the animals in our collection, pets are not allowed on Zoo grounds. We do allow guide dogs.

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