Erie Zoo Donation Wishlist

Enrichment is a vital part of animal care at the Erie Zoo! One excellent way to help the Erie Zoo is to donate or purchase enrichment items for our animals.


What is "enrichment"?

Animal enrichment is interactive programming that seeks to encourage a specific species' natural behaviors that they would display in the wild. This programming stimulates the animals mentally and physically through interactive objects, scents, foods, activities, puzzles, etc. Our enrichment program encompasses ALL of the animals at the zoo and varies day to day! We are constantly changing enrichment and providing our residents with the best current programming out there but we need your help! Your contribution will help make sure they feel engaged and challenged every single day.


 Below are two of our wish lists for the animals:

1.  Otto Enrichment is a specific website which carries original and creative enrichment items for a variety of zoo animals:

Otto Enrichment Wish List

 2. This link is to our Amazon Enrichment Wish List:

 Amazon Enrichment Wish List


3. Additional Enrichment Resources:

 Ways to Help PDF

We appreciate your support! Items may be dropped off at the Zoo office Monday - Friday from 8 am until 5 pm.
The animals and Zoo thank you for your gifts!