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Domestic Chicken
Did you know?

It takes 4 or more pounds of feed to make 1 dozen eggs. Chickens lay different colored eggs ranging from white, to brown, to pink, to blue, to green. 

March 2020 : Camdyn, Maddix & Brenna Landahl; Zack, Katie, Alayna & Brady Ford
December 2020 : Cynthia, Tim & Stephanie; Edwin Negron
January 2021 : Chase & Betsy Merriman
This domestic animal is bred commercially or for personal use in most parts of the world.
Range in size from 1.1 pounds to over 11 pounds.
5 to 10 years
grains, seeds, insects, invertebrates, fruits
hens can lay one egg every 24-26 hours. Females don’t need to mate to lay eggs, but only the fertilized eggs will produce chicks.