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North American River Otter
Did you know?

River otters can swim 7 to 8 miles per hour and can stay underwater for 3 to 6 minutes!

March 2021 : Camdyn, Maddix & Brenna Landahl; Phil & Maggie Benson; Mark & Carol Kosobucki; Early & Joyce Grolemund; Carole Groters; The Aspden Family;
April 2021 : Debbie & Rebecca Turner;
May 2021 : Tom Kegerreis;
June 2021 : Erin & Aiden Seeman;
March 2022: In loving memory of Sara Ketola; William; Carole Grothers; Fuhrmann Grandkids; Phil & Maggie Benson; Mark & Carol Kosobucki; Chris & Mary Fette; Erin & Aiden Seeman; Conneaut Lake Middle School; Edward Hobart & Deborah A. Tonkin
April 2022: Deborah Turner
June 2022: The Aspden Family
September 2022: Dr. Kaitlyn M. Blackburn
November 2022: Phil and Maddie Benson; Debbie Turner; Carole Groters
Rivers and lakes in North America
30-40 inches long plus tail
10-25 pounds
Approximately 15 years
fish, frogs, crayfish, birds, eggs and mice.
1-5 cubs after a 3 month gestation
Conservation Status
Least Concern
disease, water pollution, trapping, habitat destruction