Welcome back to your Erie Zoo!

After being closed for the past few months, we have finally received permission to open our gates again! There will be some changes due to Covid-19 regulations, so please read through the items below to prepare for you first visit back. We can't wait to see you!

Reserve Tickets


All members and non-members must reserve tickets online prior to coming. Tickets will be available in 15-minute intervals from 10am-4pm daily. These ticket reservations will help us with limited capacity requirements, create a safe, contactless transaction, and ensure no wait time for our guests. We ask that you only reserve or purchase tickets you intend on using and limit you visits to once a week. We will not be able to issue any refunds at this time. We will also temporarily be unable to honor reciprocal memberships. 

Guest Pass Update: If you have guest passes and would like to use them for additional visitors, we will take them off of your membership card at the gate when you arrive. We have allotted buffer spots specifically for your guests. Your guests do not count towards our listed ticket capacity. So do not worry if the time-slot you pick will be filled once you get your spots (you can still bring your guests). You MUST present your membership card & ID when using guest passes.

Note: If you purchased or renewed your membership within the past couple day and are having trouble reserving tickets, please be patient with us- our staff is working hard to get all memberships processed as quickly as possible.

Reserve Tickets 

Entrance & Parking

We've switched things up a bit to accommodate social distancing and our one-way path. Please make sure to enter at our side gate next to the Tiger Striped door. Tickets must be printed and brought with you. If you do not have a printer, we can scan off of your phone with a clear image of the ticket barcode. Please arrive at your ticket entrance time - early entrance will not be permitted to help us monitor visitors and our capacity.

We are recommending parking in the lot across from the Zoo's Main Building. If you arrive early, please wait in your car until your ticket entrance time.

Safety Rules

Things are going to look a little different when you get here, but please remember, all the precautions we are taking are to protect everyone: our guests, staff, and the animals.

  • All tickets must be reserved online. This will allow for a safe, contactless transaction and no wait time for guests.
  • Masks are required except for children under 2 years old and those with medical conditions.
  • There will be a new one-way path around the zoo.
  • Please social distance throughout your visit.
  • Make sure to avoid contact with high-touch areas including exhibit glass, railings, seating areas etc.
  • We will provide extra santizing stations for your convenience throughout the zoo.

If you have any questions please refer to the FAQ section below or contact us by phone (814) 864-4091 or email info@eriezoo.org

Zoo Safety Precautions

We are following the most up to date regulations issued by the state of Pennsylvania, CDC, and Erie Health Dept to ensure everyone who visits, works, and even the animals at the zoo, remains safe and healthy. We will have frequent sanitizing of the zoo, temperature checks for all employees, and all staff and guests will be required to wear masks. In addition, some areas may be closed temporarily.


The Wildlife Carousel will be running! Social distancing will be important when waiting to ride. Only certain seats will be available and disinfecting will take place between every ride. 

The Safariland Express is temporarily closed. We are working hard to get it up and running as soon as possible.


We will have two stands open from 11am - 3pm daily. Snack Shack by the Amur leopard exhibit and Main Stand in Center Zoo.

Gift Shop & Rentals

Our gift shop will be open and ready to shop! The gift shop will be open daily from 10am - 4:45pm (attendance permitting). We will be able to accommodate 6 people at a time. Please limit contact with any item you do not intend on purchasing and social distance with others.

Wheelchair and stroller rentals will be available as well. Please inquire at the entry gate upon arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the Erie Zoo re-open?

The Erie Zoo will re-open to Erie Zoo Members only from Friday, June 26th through Thursday, July 2nd. The Zoo will re-open to everyone starting on Friday, July 3rd. All visitors must reserve tickets online prior to coming.

How do you reserve tickets?

All tickets must be reserved online before visiting the zoo. Please go to https://shop.eriezoo.org/#/Admission and login to reserve you ticket. Members and Non-members will need to create a log in.

I’m an Erie Zoo member, do I have to reserve tickets?

Yes, all members and non-members will be required to reserve tickets prior to visiting the zoo.

Why are you requiring masks?

First and foremost, we are requiring masks at the zoo in response to CDC recommendations in the effort to keep everyone safe: our visitors, staff, and the animals. We are also asking this added layer of protection to help protect our essential staff and animals. We are a small zoo with high contact with our visitors. Many animals at your Erie Zoo are susceptible to Covid-19 and there has not yet been enough research to tell the effects in may have. Additionally, our staff is essential to caring for these animals every day and we need to keep their health as a top priority in order to keep our animals healthy and our gates open. 

Why are you doing online ticket reservations only?

Ticket reservations will help us with limited capacity requirements, create a safe, contactless transaction, and ensure no wait time for our guests.

What are you doing for members to make up for missed time on their memberships?

We appreciate the support from our members! To make up for the missed time on memberships we will be reserving our first week open for members only, providing a 15% discount in both the Gift Shop and Concession stands throughout the rest of the season, offering special members only time later this season, and more!

Will the Erie Zoo have free time on Sundays?

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 and new regulations placed on the zoo and needing to control the capacity on grounds, we will be unable to have free hours at this time. 

How are you handling reciprocal memberships?

During this time, we will temporarily be unable to honor reciprocal memberships due to limitations with our ticketing system. But we hope this will change in the future!

Can I still use my coupon from the Erie Coupon book?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to honor coupons. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope we can reimplement them in the future!