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Amur Tiger
Did you know?

Amur tigers are excellent swimmers and can eat up to 100 pounds of meat in one sitting! They have longer canine teeth than any other predator!

February 2020 : In Memory of Jesse Mountain
April 2020 : Whaley Family; Peach Street Wegmans Overnight Grocery; Margaret Trichel
May 2020 : Ken & Deb Meyer Family; Carol Ford; Tom, Darcy, Brooke & Morgan Smith; Jim & Coral Zimmer; Nathan Keddie; Loree Fogleman, Christie & Nathan Alston
June 2020 : Fairview High School Student Council
November 2020 : Ravi Chekka; Jaclyn Cofield; Ace Kittelberger
December 2020 : Donald Kaverman; Gus Swanson
January 2021 : Prentice Hayes; Tommy Kruse
February 2021 : Tyner Kuehn; Conway Family
March 2021 : David & Elizabeth Haffley & Family
Fall and Winter: taiga forests. Summer: Floodplain forests along the Russian / China border
Females: 200-400 pounds; Males: up to 650 pounds
15-20 years
Red deer, wild boar, small game
2-4 cubs born after 100 days. Females teach their cubs to hunt and survive in the wild for the first 2 years of life.
Conservation Status
habitat loss, inadequate prey, poaching