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Southern White Rhino
Did you know?

Rhino horns are made of keratin, the same material that makes up our hair. There is no medicinal value to this horn.

March 2021 : Jim & Chris Luffy
April 2021 : Charles, Angela, & Isaac Peyton; Kaminski & Granfors; Naughton Family
June 2021 : Sophie Hanes
March 2022: In memory of Ryan Trejchel; Gus Swanson; The Naughton Family; James & Darlene Feeney; Addy, Evan, Jack, & Noelle Turos
May 2022: Robert & Gayle Hopkins
June 2022: Charles, Angela, & Isaac Peyton
December 2022: Patty Parker
2023: The Naughton Family
2023: Dave & Kathy Lastowski
March 2023: Steven, Eva, Isaac, Abby & Tina
March 2023: Mrs. Cleaver's Kindergarten Class
March 2023:Tracy & Laurie
June 2023: Logan Gordon
Savannah woodlands and grasslands in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya.
11-16 feet long, 5-6 feet tall
Up to 4 tons
Approximately 40 years
Short turf grasses
1 born after a 16-18 month gestation
Conservation Status
Near Threatened
Poaching, habitat destruction and drought