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Red Panda
Did you know?

Red pandas are in their own family and not related to bears or raccoons!

March 2021 : A family who loves life; Ward & Christie Family; R & B Novak; Mary Allessie; Ethan Thompson; Lyla, Rachel, Josh Helfferich; Rachel & Lauren Scharrer
April 2021 : Cindy Henry; Kenneth Fleming; Hannah Harmon; Mary Ann Lasko; Meyer Family; Thom and Becki Burton;
May 2021 : The Michael & Jana Goodrich Grandchildren, Shannon Lee; Robert & Gayle Hopkins; Don & Carol Climpson;
June 2021 : In memory of Mollie, Sophie, and Speedbump; Derek Vale;
December 2021: NAPA at UPMC Hamot; Lauren Rowe; Meghann Peltz;
March 2022: Claire Law; Serafin Family; Deborah McMillen; Lyla, Rachel, & Josh Helfferich; Brook Gilson
May 2022: Zack, Katie, Alayna, and Brady Ford; Robert & Gayle Hopkins
June 2022: Donald Climpson; Gloria & Anthony Ferritto; Mary Allessie & Family; Stephanie Turner
November 2022: Callaghan Family, Serafin Family, Hannah Harmon
December 2022: Graeb Family
2023: Elaine Bootes
2023: Scott $ Julia Herzing
2023: Bonnie Tomikel
2023: Riley Moore
2023: Salva Family
2023: Lyla Helfferich
2023: Addy, Jack & Noelle Turos
2023: Erin & Aiden Seeman
March 2023: Stephanie Turner
March 2023: Deborah McMillen
June 2023: Family of Jeffrey Beach
July 2023: Ethan Ayers
December 2023: Abigail Borello
December 2023: Meghann Peltz
December 2023: Mrs. Baloga's 2nd Grade Classroom
Montane forests at high elevations
1 ½ -2 feet long
8-13 pounds
8-10 years
95 % bamboo, fruit, roots, acorns, bird eggs
1-4 young after a 112-158 day gestation
Conservation Status
Habitat loss, hunting and the pet trade