River Birch
Did you know?

River birch trees (Betula nigra) lack the chemical rhododendrol, which attracts borer insects. Because of this deficiency, these trees are immune to borers!

Up to 90 feet tall
Flowers, Fruit, Foliage
Attractive, peeling bark in layered shades of orange, red, gray, and brown. Leaves are a bright shade of green in summer months and transition to varying shades of yellow during the autumn.
Pests & Diseases
Aphids are common on new growth
Landscape Use
Excellent specimen for wet, swampy areas
Care Practices
Plant in acidic soil and keep moist. These trees are not drought tolerant, but they can tolerate high temperatures. Do not prune until summer, as the spring sap will bleed.
Native Range
Stream banks in Massachusetts through Florida, and as far west as Kansas