Allegheny Serviceberry
Did you know?

Allegheny Serviceberry shrubs (Amelanchier laevis) grow berries rich in antioxidants and vitamin C that can be used to make jams, wine, and baked goods. 

Up to 40 feet tall
Flowers, Fruit, Foliage
Clusters of fragrant white flowers bloom in mid-spring. The fruit are edible, black, sweet, mineral-rich berries. Obovate, glabrous, finely toothed leaves are dark green through the summer and fade to shades of red and orange in the autumn.
Pests & Diseases
Rust, witch's broom, miners, leaf blight, mildew, borers, mites, scale
Landscape Use
Great as a specimen, border, screen, and in natural areas
Care Practices
Plant in moist, well-drained soil in an area with full sun to part shade. These large shrubs are moderately cold hardy and can tolerate a variety of soils, air pollution, and moderate drought once established. They often show signs of stress in high-traffic areas, so plant away from footpaths.
Native Range
Eastern North America