Graciosa Falsecypress
Did you know?

In the 1930s, Graciosa Falsecypress trees (Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Graciosa') originated as a mutation of the cultivar Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis' at a nursery in the Netherlands. 

Up to 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide
Flowers, Fruit, Foliage
Flowers and fruit are ornamentally insignificant. Bright, evergreen, feathery foliage grows in an open, upright, pyramidal habit.
Pests & Diseases
None serious
Landscape Use
Great as a specimen, accent, border, hedge, screen, or in massing
Care Practices
Plant in a sheltered location in full sun to part shade with moist, well-drained soil. These slow-growing trees are moderately cold hardy and can tolerate high levels of pollution, but they cannot survive extended droughts.
Native Range