Weeping White Pine
Did you know?

Weeping White Pine trees (Pinus strobus 'Pendula') can be pruned and trained to exhibit different growth habits, and no two specimen are exactly the same. If they are staked, they will grow as small trees with twisted, weeping branches. If they are left unstaked and unpruned, they will form mounded shrubs with creeping groundcover branches. 

Up to 15 feet tall
Flowers, Fruit, Foliage
Irregular, weeping branches droop to the ground. Soft, blue-green needles maintain their color throughout the winter. After 5 to 10 years of growth, pendulous cones up to 8 inches long will be produced.
Pests & Diseases
White pine blister rust, white pine weevil
Landscape Use
Great as a specimen, accent, border, hedge, or screen
Care Practices
Plant in moist, well-drained soil in an area with full sun to part shade. Keep protected from strong winds. These small trees prefer atmospheric humidity, but they do not tolerate high temperatures, salinity, or pollution.
Native Range
North America