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Erie Zoo Announces Two New Species to join the Zoo.

Posted on March 9th, 2023 at 6:35 PM

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Contact: Emily Smicker

Erie Zoo Announces Two New Species to join the Zoo.


[Erie, PA] - On March 10th, 2023 the Erie Zoo reveals two new species to join the Hilbert Family Primate Habitat - Allen’s swamp monkeys and lesser spot-nosed guenons.


As part of the Wild Open Spaces Capital Campaign announced in 2019, the Erie Zoo revealed the new Hilbert Family Primate Habitat in the summer of 2022 and introduced its resident species, Eastern black and white colobus monkeys, with future plans to bring in additional species to the location.


In the fall of 2022, four monkeys arrived at the zoo and entered into their standard quarantine period behind the scenes while preparations were made to relocate them to the Hilbert Family Primate Habitat to join two male colobus monkeys, Jambo and Mianzi. 


The new group includes two Allen’s swamp monkeys, Kam and Claira, and two lesser spot-nosed guenons, Nemo and Georgia. The four monkeys resided together at their previous zoo and quarantined together upon arrival.


The new monkeys moved into the habitat late February 2023 with introductions to the colobus beginning soon after. 


“We are excited to welcome these new species to our zoo. The introduction process is a careful and thorough process that we go through with all animals we plan to introduce into another group. Our hope is that the swamp monkeys and guenons will be able to join the colobus and make up a mixed-species, arboreal primate habitat. This process will take time and ultimately, we will do what is in the best interest of all of the animals involved, this may mean at times you may only be able to view one primate group at a time,” said Jenn Salandra, curator for the Erie Zoo. 


Starting Friday, March 10th you will be able to visit the Hilbert Family Primate Habitat and may have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the new animals. For the time being the colobus group and new group will be rotating with time in the day room throughout the day. Progress of the introduction process will be provided through the zoo’s media sources and channels.


Allen’s swamp monkeys are a social primate species native to central Africa primarily around the Congo basin. Adults can reach about 18 inches in height and between 7-13 pounds in weight. 


The lesser spot-nosed guenon, also known as the lesser white-nosed monkey, is an adaptable primate species native to the forest canopies of West Africa. Adults reach a height of about 14 - 18 inches with a long tail and weigh on average between 9-13 pounds.


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