Hakuro Nishiki Willow
Did you know?

Hakuro Nishiki Willows (Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki') have very competitive root systems and do not like to share their soil space with other plants. 

Up to 10 feet tall and wide
Flowers, Fruit, Foliage
New shoots and flowers are a salmon-pink color and mature to white variegation.
Pests & Diseases
Blights, crown gall, cankers, mildew, gray scab, leaf beetles, leaf spots, rust, lacebugs, weevils, aphids, borers, sawflies
Landscape Use
Great for hedges, screens, and borders. Very picturesque near ponds and streams.
Care Practices
These trees require cool summers and moist, well-drained soils. They are cold hardy, moderately drought tolerant, and tolerate a variety of soils, but they do not perform well in high temperatures or warm, humid climates. Plant in full sun to part shade, and expect frequent shedding.
Native Range
Native across Asia, Japan, and Korea